Becoming famous and having fans in millions in only a matter of months nowadays, thanks to social media like TikTok. This article is regarding the same storyline and discusses a very popular TikTok star – Meghan Guthrie. Coming from the US, Meghan is known worldwide by her TikTok name megnutt02. She has millions of followers and earns a chunk from social media. With that being said, you can find out more about the star in this article including information like megnutt02 Tiktok famous birthdays and how old she turns in 2023. 

    About Megnutt02

    Megan belongs to a Christian family based in Miami, Florida. She came into this world on 14th Feb 2002, making her turn 21 years old in 2023. Surprisingly, her family is far from being famous and rather, lives the life of an ordinary American. It was in 2019 when Megnutt02 joined TikTok to shortly become one of the greatest creators. 

    Megnutt02’s looks and other physical attributes

    Megnutt02 Guthrie is a stunning woman in her 20s with healthy hazel hair. She stands tall at 5 ‘8 ft while having 121 pounds body weight. 

    Megnutt02 family circle 

    Megan’s family circle includes her father, mother, and stepbrother. Unfortunately, none of their names or in-depth details have been disclosed. 

    Megnutt02 tiktok famous birthdays, childhood, and educational background 

    For most of her life, Megan Guthrie lived the life of any ordinary person out there. She was a stranger and a nobody, which is why there are not many details available about her early life. Even her educational details are confined to herself, although it is widely believed that she attended a local school. After high school, she took a step higher to enroll in a graduation program. 

    Megnutt02 professional career

    Megnutt02 is a renowned model and influencer, who endorses brands all over her social media. She earns a good lump sum in all of her brand deals – which is the most of her career. Other than that, she also runs her own small business. 

    Megnutt02 boyfriend update 

    Megnutt02 has never shared her dating life in public, and hence, is believed to be single right now. 

    Achievements & awards of Megnutt02 

    Meghan is yet to receive any formal awards from big titles, but not having them does not mean she has achieved nothing. Well, Meghan being raised in an ordinary family and overturning her fate to become a millionaire has to be her biggest achievement. 

    Megnutt02 on social media 

    You can find Meghan Guthrie on all kinds of social media accounts. Her online name ‘megnutt02’ is quite renowned as well. On instagram, she has over 1.5 million followers, 12+ on TikTok, 6k on Twitch, and 21k subscribers on YouTube.

    Megnutt02 net worth 

    In 2023, Meghan Guthrie is said to have a net worth of $1 million – all coming from her brand deals, modeling, onlyFans, and small business. 


    This article was all about Megan Guthrie – a 21-year-old mega-star of social media. She indeed has millions of fans globally, but most of her life’s important information is kept confidential. Nevertheless, we have tried to include most of her important information including Megnutt02 tiktok famous birthdays, age, net worth, boyfriend, parents, and so on.