Playing games has always been the best way we can spend time with our loved ones, and when it comes to trying some new game we all get excited. The advent of games has always intrigued everybody. Thus today we are not only going to discuss a new game but a game that carries an eerie feeling. This game’s name and description of it is self make people curious about playing it within their groups. So without doing any further ado let’s explore the game Red Door Yellow Door, here in detail to make your gaming session filled with adventure and fear.

    Know About Red Door Yellow Door

    Red Door Yellow Door is a spooky and scary paranormal game that people often like to play at sleepovers. This game is also popularly known as “Doors of the Mind” or “Black Door White Door”. The game makes the players go deep in their minds and think about the guidelines given by the guide to the traveler. Or we can also say that the traveler of the game is put in trance by the guide. 

    Requirements for Red Door Yellow Door

    As the Red Door Yellow Door Game is to be played at the sleepovers, it has a very simple and basic requirement. By filling all the things that Red Door Yellow Door requires players can maximize their joy and adventure from this game. 

    • You will need one Traveler.
    • A Guide is required in order to assist the Traveler.
    • A dark and quiet room will create the needed environment for the eerie.
    • Grab a pillow though it’s an optional thing.
    • You can also get an alarm clock or a timer ready.
    • Keep a voice recorder or a video recorder, in case you miss any moment you can revisit.
    • Keep a water bottle handy it will  prove helpful in case of emergency. 

    Guidelines to Play  Red Door Yellow Door

    The Red Door Yellow Door Game is very spooky and at times it may make its players anxious. So before talking about how to play Red Door Yellow Door, we have listed down a few guidelines to play Red Door Yellow Door so that you can begin and end the game hassle free. 

    • It’s not necessary to play the game at midnight or so, players can begin the game whenever they feel comfortable.
    • Players can clear the space on the floor so that the traveler can lie down comfortably to go in the trance.
    • In case you are using a timer then we recommend it to be for an hour, but it completely depends on the choice of the players.
    • Gather all the players and enter a dim light room to feel the essence of the game.

    How to Play  Red Door Yellow Door? 

    To all those reading about this game for the very first time we have mentioned full details here about how to play Red Door Yellow Door.

    Step 1: Make the guide sit on the floor while his/her legs are cross-legged.

    Step 2: Keep a pillow on the guide’s legs so that you can put your head on it comfortably.

    Step 3: The traveler needs to lie down on the guide’s lap, keeping his/her eyes closed.

    Step 4: Travelers can raise their hands in the air or keep straight on the floor in order to relax.

    Step 5: Now the guide will start to chant Red Door Yellow Door Any Other Color Door, Red Door

    Step 6: Yellow Door Any Other Color Door, over and over. 

    Step 7: In case there are more than two players they can also chant Red Door Yellow Door Any

    Step 8: Other Color Door, along with the guide.

    Step 9: Once the Traveler is able to see doors and rooms that means he/she is slowly going in a trance. 

    Step 10: As the Traveler goes into the trance she/he needs to lower the hands. As a sign to stop chanting and to begin the game.

    Step 11: As the game behind the Guide will ask questions to Travelers, they need to describe their surroundings. 

    Step 12: The guide will ask you to open the doors and enter the rooms.

    Points to Remember While Playing  Red Door Yellow Door

    There are certain points that players need to remember while playing Red Door Yellow Door. Keeping this point will not only keep you on the safer side but also enhance your experience.

    • First and the foremost thing is to not interact with people present in the rooms. As they might turn out to be evil.
    • Though players can move freely in the house or room, we recommend going Upwards instead of Downwards.
    • In case you find yourself in a room  full of clocks then move out of the room immediately, as there is a high chance that you can get trapped. 
    • Try to go up for lighter colors as darker colors can be harmful.
    • If you get trapped in any room then you should try to wake up immediately.
    • If any player encounters a man in a suit who makes him feel uneasy, then he must end this game immediately. 

    Is Red Door Yellow Door Real?

    This is one of the most asked questions about the Red Door Yellow Door. Let me tell you that this game is a psychological game. Such games are meant for mind exploration of imagination and these games have no association to real life. So you need to fear about catching yourself in any paranormal activity. 


    We have provided all the information related to Red Door Yellow Door so that you can not only know about this game but also play it. This thrilling game is best to play with the maximum number of people at sleepovers to get that spooky, eerie vibe. So, try playing this adventurous game with your loved and close ones to spend a joyful time with all.