Within the realm of memes, very few kinds of memes have caught the public’s interest and “confused memes.” These memes, typically composed of hilarious images, gifs, or stickers, are perfect for capturing the “WTF” situations we encounter daily. What is it that makes these memes widely resonant and funny? Let’s get into the details of this popular trend.

    What do you mean by a confused meme?

    Confusion memes encompass various content, but they’re all based on laughter at mistakes and miscommunications. The confusion meme is an excellent method of pointing out that something you say is inconsistent, paradoxical, or simply absurd. The context for the specific meme determines the significance of a confused meme. Still, many draw attention to a humorous contradiction or paradox, oxymoron or a similar situation in a humorous way.

    As with many memes, they depict the subject (often someone famous but not always) who is confused by something. They might contain text, but they shouldn’t always include text. They’re often found in Twitter replies or other social media messages.

    The start of a series of confusing memes

    The most famous confusion-filled meme is NBA player Nick Young, aka Swaggy P, looking confused with doubt marks circling his head. The meme didn’t just gain fame within the basketball world. Still, it became a standard in the toolset for the meme generation that is available on websites such as Imgflip. From the beginning, this Nick Young meme inspired memes, from which many other ambiguous memes were built.

    The Medium: GIFs, Stickers, GIFs, and More

    As technology has advanced, memes have transformed from static images to GIFs or stickers, which are easily shared on different social platforms. The range of ambiguous memes has increased with the reaction memes available on the sticker store for Android or the vast array of emoticons that can be used to emphasize the mood.

    List of 6 Funny Confused Memes

    Looking for the best-confused memes? Here are the best reactions, check out below:

    Math Lady

    The meme with the confused look features a Brazilian actress whose name is Renata Sorrah. The meme features scenes from the Telenovela Senhora do Destino. The character is very popular with viewers, leading to clips from the show becoming memes.

    The current version of the meme has four images taken of the first GIF, which shows Sorrah appearing confused. Each one of them has math equations that are overlayed. Each is accompanied by captions that typically refer to the necessity of mental calculation because of confusion.

    This is a hilarious way to show that you’re frantically processing numbers inside your brain.

    Confused Mr. Krabs

    The next confusing meme is based on The character named Mr. Krabs from the cartoon SpongeBob Squarepants. The image depicts Mr. Krabs, surrounded by a raging mob and edited to create a ripple effect surrounding the character.

    The meme is often coupled with captions that express bewilderment, for example, waking from a nap only to become confused quickly.

    Confused Nick Young

    Let’s start with an image among the top well-known confusion memes. The Confused Nick Young is a reaction photo that features an NBA player with a similar name. The image was taken from a television program called Through The Lens, which portrayed one day in the life of a basketball player.

    The meme is a photo of Nick with confused facial expressions and question marks surrounding it. It was straight out of the TV show. Using the original image in its entirety or altering the text to modify Nick is possible.

    Are You Serious Face  

    This another popular confused meme- Are You Serious Face is an old-fashioned blast from the past that you often see in the old days’ comics. It’s a basic sketch that depicts David Silverman. It made the look of a confused face in an interview with Bill O’Reilly.

    The meme is often employed to counter foolish or ignorant remarks. While this meme isn’t specifically concerned with confusion, it might be a great confusion-related meme.

    Confused Girl

    The confused face meme doesn’t have any famous people; it’s simply a picture of a girl who has an incredulous expression in her eyes. It’s a good match for captions that lead to this look appearing across your face.

    The claim behind this is the person who took this photo attempted to share it on Instagram as it circulated widely. However, this was later proven to be a fake claim.

    We can say that the meme is not very known now, but at a certain time, it was quite trending in the Confused Meme category.


    “Wat” can be a deliberate misspelling for “what.” It’s used most commonly to indicate confusion with an image or story. You can also use “wat” as a stand-alone, usually used with a picture.

    A popular and viewed macro of images that includes “wat” shows a stunned old lady. This is a great technique; however, you can include “what” in any confusing image.


    The meme embodies a universal feeling of disorientation or feeling overwhelmed. It is often utilized as a reaction image or gif to convey emotions humorously. Confused memes aren’t only a trending or funny topic but a valuable method of communicating across various media. Try them for sure!