But it is really the right materials that make all the difference in taking your interior design from good to great, setting the tone for your space, and adding that bit of class that breathes life into a design. But picking the perfect materials can be daunting: with so many options at your fingertips, how do you choose?

    Here are 5 top picks to consider for achieving stunning finishes in your next interior design project:


    A Timeless Classic Wood is the world’s most versatile, durable, and beautiful material to be used in products from floors to furniture, wall paneling to other decorative products. It has species that come in all kinds of grain and color.

    Solid hardwood is the answer if you are looking for that touch of luxury. But, if the budget is economical and yet great durability has to be secured, it is wise to consider high-quality ply sheets or waterproof blockboard. Plywood is of excellence in strength and stability, while waterproof blockboard is unexcelled against moisture in places like the kitchen and bathroom.

    Stone: Natural Elegance

    Stone is the natural elegance and luxury of any environment. Starting from granite to quartz, countertops are highly resistant and have a value for stains and scratches. However, have a look at other possibilities such as slate or soapstone to give a twist to your kitchen.

    Tiles: Endless Possibilities

    Tiles are unlimited in arrangements and finish aesthetic or functional. From conventional ceramics and porcelains to other various mosaics and patterned ones, they can be used from floors, walls, backsplashes, up to frames, even on your furniture. Plus, tiles are very much durable and water repellent, thus they are very easy to clean.

    Fabrics: Warmth and Texture

    Fabrics warm up a space, adding texture and another element of comfort. Fabrics, from rich upholstery ones for sofas and chairs to linens for drapery and soft throws, can help define areas, make focal points, and even add pops of color and pattern throughout the space.

    Metal: Industrial Chic or Modern Edge

    Metal can add an industrial chic or modern edge to your interior. Metal beams, stainless steel countertops, and brass hardware will make quite a statement. Do not forget about lighting fixtures, either—there might be metal there, too.

    Bonus Tip: Mix and Match!

    Don’t be afraid to put any of these materials together, because that is just exactly what is going to give the house that unique, personal flair. Some wood with the stone, for example, to get some balance. Just be sure the materials play well with the vision for the design overall. Any or all of these mixed in with a little creative thinking will do the trick and make your finishing on your interior design project show-stopping.